How to recover data from hard disk

How to recover data from hard disk

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Most of us working on computer today. Each day we collect lots of files, images or generally we can say "Soft Data". In which, there are several most important  files of your work. Did you think, if we lost that files then it may be possible that we can lost our job. Let's take an example. I am a software developer and i am working on an important project report of top multinational company. Approx 90 percent of my work completed and as usual saved in my computer hard disk. And next day, when i started my laptop and i found that my hard disk has been destroyed and i lost all files with that important project files too. Now its time to put my hands on head and started starring on computer. But after few hours, i asked with myself "Is this solution of my problem?, What is the fault of my computer?  and all other questions like as...." .  

             As we know there are several malware, viruses, and all other thing which can affect your important files without notice us. After these all knowing we can't do anything to that viruses but we can do one thing what i am going to tell you today to get that all lost files. Now, if you think that you read wrong before few seconds then don't think so. Yes, you read correct sentence because i wrote that exactly correct. Yes, You can get your lost data within few minutes. Now, enjoy and keep smile on your lips because i don't want to see sad face from you lovers. 
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       Now, its not the end of your problem. At this time, only we know that we can recover lost files but we don't know 'How? means How can you recover?'. So, You need some more time to know that. Let's have a look down to get solution of this major problem. No, No, its not major problem now..
I am going to inform you about two application through which you can recover your hard disk data. First one is  "EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Professional" and second one is "savemyfiles.net". Operating function of both application is different. Now we will see one by one....

Step by step guide to recover data from formatted hard disk 

For  "EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Professional"

  • Launch EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Professional and you will find all portion then select the listed lost partition and click on 'Scan
  • EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Professional will start scan quickly first; After the scanning , then it will start deep scanning automatically to find more hard drive partition data.
  • Preview all lost data and recover it; Now, you can see found data by file types and file name , select all found data and click "Recover" to save them where you feel safe spot in your storage device.

How_to_recover_data_from_hard_disk_Technologic World

For "Savemyfiles.net"

How_to_recover_data_from_hard_disk_Technologic World

  • Go to your browser and type "Savemyfiles.net" and click enter.
  • Then you will find "Download File" Click to Download. After Download.
  • Launch it in your PC , you will find three option as
           (A) I want to recover items from my hard drive
           (B) i want to recover lost emails 
           (C)i want to recover items on an external device.
  • Now,  Choose from these options according to your requirement 
  •  if you want to recover data from your internal computer hard drive then select first option means (a)
  • if you want to recover email only then you should select option no (b)
  • if you want to recover data from external hard disk then select option (C)

  • Just like if you want to recover data from external hard disk then we will select option (c) and choose device to recover then click to start scan.
  • Then you will find your lost data files.
  • To check that recover data, you need to go to "Advanced"  select first one of list and click "continue" then you will find list of recover lost data.
  • Now, select all files and Save where you feel safe spot your device.

Hurry up, enjoy your work without any tension of losing data. I am here to help you always as every instant of tech problems. Keep visiting my blog and share more and more to reach out all other followers. 

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