Without code Twitter Bot, Let’s see how?

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Let's see Twitter Bot without code

Most of us aware about robot which comes under robotics technology but do you know that its short form is bot. Yes, Robot shortly called as bot. Now, I think you also know the work of robot but still I want to tell you what is robot or bots? A robot or bots is a programmable operator that operates as an agent for user or another program by simulating human activities. Generally bots can be used in electronics field to fulfill the human possible wish or to reduce human effort by using coding or coding as well as mechanical part. When we talk about bots in network or internet technology then how can I miss to mention artificial intelligence technology (AI technology). Artificial intelligence technology is also called as bots technology in which bots activities similar to human activity.
                                  Here I am going to discuss about Twitter bots. Twitter bots is mainly works on coding function. Who do reply as what you put in the required field.  According to situation, it will choose from set data field and give them instant reply. Either that is grammatical error situation, earthquake notice or happiness moment etc. it will reply instantly according to self-sensed condition.
Twitter bots do automatically favorite or re-tweets tweets according to matched given data criteria. It can like tweets, follow tweeter user who will related to your relevant profession, area, friends etc. if you want to reply automatically then it is also possible only through bots technology. Twitter bots can reply auto when it gets @mention twitter.

                                     Making a twitter bot is easy but depends on you how you want to make. If you want to make twitter bot according to your choice field means what you I want only that should exist then you need programming skills, coding skills, Python, node.js etc… But you can also use twitter bot without knowing coding skills and it is possible only in 5 minutes. This bots are hosted on google servers and it does not require program means “zero” programming knowledge.

Visit digitalinspiration.com/bots to get start. This twitter bots are internally written by using Google Scripts.

How to create your own twitter bot
Basic thought behind twitter bots is simple. You have specified search phase and choose action. Then, bot will search all tweets in your data when that tweets will matched in search criteria after that it perform the associated action on those tweets and perform instant action.

  1. Create a new account on twitter which will work as a bot. then go to apps.twitter.com , sign-in with new account and create twitter application. Now give your app a new dynamic name , description of your app and put your choice of URL in the website field. Click on the agree to developer terms and finally submit the form.
  2. Once the twitter app has been created then click on modify app permissions under application settings and change its access level to read, write and access Direct Messages .
  3. And in the last of this step, switch to the Keys and access Tokens tab and click the Create MY Access Token Button. Twitter will automatically generate the Consumer Keys and access tokens which we need in next step B.

STEP B : Now it’s time to “configure your twitter bots”

  1. Go to digitalinspiration.com/bots to open the twitter bots application to precede further steps.
  2. Enter the Consumer Secret, Twitter Consumer Key, Access token and access secret that were generated in the last step of step A.
  3.  Now, you need to specify the search phase box for the bots. The app will search all the tweets that match from this search phrase data box and process the bots function for all, one at a time.
  4. Click on save to initialized your new twitter bot. it’s over now, your bots are initialized and it will auto-run in the background of your account. Now, enjoy your modified twitter account with bots.

As we know that every sites provide some certain rules same as that twitter have also certain automation rules for that may your bots can give you spamming results , to avoid it mind below points.

  • If you are in offline mode during specific hours,  then setup out of office replies through it people can expect a delayed response of their message.

  • If you will change your twitter username, then you need to set an auto-DM bot for the old account. So that, new followers can gets to know your new screen name.  


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