5 Best free Software for your new computer

5 Best free Software for your new computer

Equip your new windows PC with all the essential software it needs, completely free

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New PC’s don’t come cheap. If you have just bought or assembled a new machine, the initial delight might be replaced by nagging anxiety as you as up the cost of equipping it with all the necessary software. But don’t worry – we’ve curated a list of essential software that will fulfill your every need completely free.

  • Antivirus

    Avira Free Antivirus 

    Windows 10 comes with its own security software in the form of windows Defender. It’s a capable program, but not without a few limitations. As such, the most preferred option is the Avira Free Antivirus.
                    The antivirus achieves superb results in independent tests, is unobtrusive, makes modest use of your PC’s RAM and processor time, and comes with optional extras like a secure browser if you want them. It’s the best free software for securing your new PC from the latest threads. 

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  • Backup

    EaseUS ToDo Backup free 

    Hopefully your new PC won’t fall victim to an accident or hard drive crash any time soon, but it only takes one carelessly places a cup of coffee to cause irreparable damage. Viruses and Malware can also destroy your files, or render them irretrievable.
                  The only defence against such misfortune is a good backup routine, and EaseUS ToDo Backup Free is a brilliant free program that makes a potentially dreary chore incredibly straight forward. It lets you back up your entire system or a selection your most important files, and its clever scheduling makes sure backups happen at times that won’t inconvenience you.
  • General web browser 


    New windows PCs come with Microsoft Edge installed as the default browser. It’s fast, integrates fully with windows 10 (including Cortana), and is pleasant to use. But if flexibility is your main priority, then you’ll want to consider an alternative.
                  Google Chrome supports hundreds of plug-ins and is the natural choice if you are already invested in the Google ecosystem through its web apps or an Android smartphone. If you have been using Chrome on your old PC, all your bookmarks, cached logins, extensions and browser history will be synced automatically when you log in.
  •  Secure web browser

     Tor browser

    If security is the name of the game, consider installing Tor Browser on your new PC. This is a modified version of Firefox that protects your identity and personal information by redirecting web traffic through a series of encrypted notes scattered throughout the world. This prevents your activity from being monitored and prevents information like bank details being intercepted and more.

  • Office suit 

    WPS Office free 

    If your new windows PC comes with Microsoft Office then you’re off to a flying start, but don’t worry if not – there are lots of free alternatives. WPS Office Free is one of the best free office software. It has an interface that bears a comforting similarity to the latest versions of office.
                       It includes great tools for creating and editing text documents, presentations and spreadsheets, and is compatible with all the common file formats – including Microsoft’s.

These 5 best free software for your new computer will give you visitor best experience of your PC without wasting any money. Each and every point will make your PC well secure and protective.  I’m sure that it will stand better than what we expected. Keep mind on this blog website to be updated.  Just share your view and Expectation from their future Products with our Comment section and don't forget to share our post with Your Friends.


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