Sort out Common Gmail Problems and Undo Google’s irritating inbox tweaks

Sort out Common Gmail Problems and Undo Google’s irritating inbox tweaks

Stop Gmail rearranging your massages

Google has recently introduced a tabbed – folder to automatically sort emails in Gmail. This replaces the more useful Priority Inbox, which sorted emails according to your preferences. To get your old inbox back, click to settings cog under your account profile photo, then Settings, “Configure inbox”. Untick all except “Primary “, then click save. For even more control click Setting, Inbox, select priority Inbox from the “Inbox type” list, then add and remove “Inbox sections” such as “important and unread” and Starred. Click “Add section” , “More options” to use custom labels.

Get rid of inbox Distractions

Google continue to introduce extra options in Gmail. However, you can still use the original, no – fuss HTML version of Gmail. To switch, log into Gmail and go to www.snipca.com/9863. this takes you to a simple list view of your Gmail inbox. Click “set basic HTML as default view” to keep the change. If you want to go back to the newer version of Gmail click “Switch to Standard view”.

Find Out why Gmail’s not working

Sometimes Gmail experiences technical problems, causing it to load slowly or not load at all. You can check for any known problems at Google’s App Status Dashboard (www.snipca.com/9861) . you will see a red do next to Gmail if it has a problem. Click this dot to find out what’s being done to fix it.

Use Gmail when it goes offline

If you use Chrome you can load your Gmail inbox even when it’s offline. Go to www.snipca.com/9878, and click free, and then add to install Gmail Offline for chrome. Click “allow offline mail”, Continue. This saves your inbox locally, so even if you aren’t online or Gmail goes down you’ll still be able to compose and read emails. Gmail will automatically send your message once you are back online.

Stop your Gmail account being hacked

If your Gmail account is hacked, the first thing the hacker will do is change your password so you can no longer access the account. However, they can only do this if your password and email address are the only details required to make account changes. If you use two – step verification, Google will prompt you for a special code that you’ll need to provide whenever you make critical Gmail account changes. You’ll need a phone to receive the code by text message or as a voice call. Click the down arrow next to the login box then click Account, Security to see an overview of your Gmail security options. Click Edit, ‘2- step verification ‘, “Start set up”. Type your Gmail password, enter your phone number and select whether you want to receive the code as a text message or voice call. Click “send verification cod”.
 Type the six-digit code you receive into the ox then click verify. If you tick the option to make this computer a ‘trusted’ device you won’t need to log in using 2-step verification when trying to access your Gmail account on that particular computer. Click next, then confirm. To make changes to your Gmail account when using other computers you’ll need to enter the code you were sent by text message or voice call.

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