Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Pro

Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Pro

Many would say that tablets  have generally reached saturation point –there’s not too much innovation happening and people tend to keep their tablets for a lot longer as compared to phones. That’s why we think that any extra features a tablet can offer are welcome. This device looks familiar because it’s an update to the Yoga Tab 2 Pro, which we reviewed at about the same time last year.

     It keeps the same premium quality construction, nifty design and improves the headlining feature: the built in LED projector. The last time around, you had to sit in a fairly dark room to enjoy the projector but the increased brightness (50 lumens vs 30 before) makes it a lot more usable. You can easily have a 50-inch screen in a dark room. The projector is housed in the rotatable spine (which also houses the battery), And like before, the projector uses Texas Instruments DLP technology with an LED light source and can be switched on instantly via the dedicated button. You can choose to have both the tablet screen and projector on at the same time or just use the projector mode to save battery life. So what can you do with a projector built into a tablet? One person we showed it to said he’d like to lie in bed and watch movies on the bedroom ceiling. No problem. Someone else wanted to use a white wall for an impromptu photo slideshow. Use it for business presentation – you want need to carry anything else. Through in a bit of big screen binge watching with Netflix and big screen gaming (you can pair it with any Bluetooth gamepad for this) and you have got a tablet that many in the family will enjoy. The materials used are great and we specially like the leather-like back panel. The spine is a “Love it or hate it” kind of thing. Some people hated that it doesn’t adhere to the conventional tablet design –others appreciate it for the thoughtful design, the way the spine makes it easier to hold and the sturdy flip out stand that props it up on table. We tend to agree with the latter. Thanks to the 4-speaker JBL soundbar (front facing speakers located under the screen) And Dolby Atmos enhancements, it can get pretty loud. The screen also has a little trick- it can be used with almost any conductive item; pens, metallic objects like keys or even cutlery. Screen quality is excellent too with nice colors, high brightness and contrast. The software is Android 5.1 with a few Lenovo tweaks. There’s a multi-window option. A smart side bar and some nice animations. Battery life is excellent, thanks to the large battery. It can easily do 10 hours of use on a single charge (or you can watch two movies back to back on the projector only).

  A couple of things we didn’t like –primary camera performance is generally slow and clunky, with not very good results. The front camera is fixed focus. Plus there are preloaded apps like McAfee, Evernote, Netflix and some other Lenovo apps. These things keep it from perfect score. We would have also liked to be able to fine tune the screen color temperature, saturation etc-on a screen this good, this is sorely missed. Overall this is still great Android tablet –something that’ worth upgrading to.


  • Intel Atom Processor
  • 2GB RAM, 32GB storage +microSD (up to 128GB),
  • 10.1-inch QHD (2560 X 1600 ppi) IPS LCD
  • 13MP AF rear + 5MP fixed focus front camera,
  • BT4.0, A-GPS + GLONASS,
  • 3G/LTE, Android 5.1, 681 grams
  • Review:- 4 Stars
  • Price- RS. 39,990

Positive Point:-  

  • Great QHD display, multiple use cases & modes, 
  • high quality Projector that works well, can be used portrait or landscape, 
  • excellent battery life (10+ hours)

Negative Point:- 

  • weak cameras, only one WiFi+LTE variant, bunch of preloaded apps , 
  • no screen color/temp. Adjustment


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