Are Robots already making HUMANS REDUNDANT?

Are Robots already making HUMANS REDUNDANT?


That might be the case, with everything from sperm bots to killer bots already being actively researched.
  Its an oft-asked question, will robots take over the world? Are we starting down at a possible future where the AI (artificial intelligence) we created, will become our masters? We are the masters now, but the more these machines learn and adapt to human nature, it is possible that they will know better than to serve and seek to evolve, so as to speak. And at tat point, they might not need us.
     Of course, all those are dreary conspiracy theories, until a few decades at least. By then, we will probably have a better idea of where we are headed with the incredibly fascinating world of robotics and how in control we really are. For now, however, we are at that point in time when much of what we do in our day-to-day lives involves the use of machines in some way or the other, even at the most basic level. We already have devices “talking” to each other, passing along instructions via our smartphones, something that was only in the realm of possibility at one point. There are probably far more investors of robots today than at any time in history and we are just in the teaching and observing stages right now. Soon, robots will be expected to take on certain jobs, once only the domain of humans. And in most cases, this will be because  they are easily dispensable, are replaceable, can work endlessly, take kicks, and shoves in their stead, don’t ask for raises or leaves( only regular upgrades) and yes, and tougher than most humans. We review recent advancements in robotic technology and the application and uses thereof and ask the question, should we be worried yet…..or not.



            Now, astronauts needn’t even be human. In fact, last year, Toyato built a Japanese “robot astronaut”, a humanoid called Kirobo, who spent time at International Space Station (ISS) and conducted the first ever robot- human conversation experiments later that year. And NASA, not to be left out, gave two R5 “Valkyrie” robots to university groups at MIT and Northeastern University, USA for advanced research and development of robotic astronauts that could act as vanguards for manned missions or as assistants for humans travelling to Mars.
  •      SPERMBOTS




                                                                      Researchers from Germany’s Institute for Integrative Nanosciences at IFW Dresden have successfully developed and tasted magnetically powered robotic suits that strap onto individual sperm. Researchers can then guide the spermbot to its intended destination (an egg). The process can take place inside a women ( in an MRI machine), or in a Petri disk.


  •      THEY CAN RUN!

     It’s the same logic with zombies (except that zombies don’t exist), as long as they can’t run, you are safe. Well, what do you do when you hear about MIT’s robotic cheetah? Or when you have a quad-raped that’s a world record holder for endurance. Researchers from Chongqing University of posts and Telecommunications in China built the resilient little bot, called Xingzhe No. I robot ( xinghe means “walker” in Chinese). It might not outrun you, but you can be sure, it will outlast you before it’s battery dies.

     A new four-wheeled bot named Vertigo looks like a remote-controlled car that a kid might build. But the little machine can drive vertically, straight up walls. Researchers at Disney Research Zurich worked together with students at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich (ETH) to design and build the bot.



     Boston Dynamics and its scientists have a long history of kicking, taunting, and teasing them. That ill –advised practice continues in the company’s latest video, showcasing its next generation Atlas droid, a bipedal bot capable of striding though snow, picking up boxes, opening doors, and – by the looks of things, adapt to and navigate difficult , uneven surfaces. Only hope one day, Atlas doesn’t get made enough to retaliate.


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