How to secure your PC’s from all types of viruses and Malwares

Privacy tools to stay secure – this free software will keep your online activity and personal data safe and out of the reach of snoops.

How_to_secure_your_PC’s_from_all_types_of_viruses_and_Malwares_Technologic world
Today we all do most of the works on PC’s, Laptop and so on… But we all are always afraid of Virus and Malware to keep your files and data safe. So, today I am going to aware you “How to keep your PC’s safe from Viruses and malware.” “which software are required to keep safe PC’s.”  “what is the process to secure PC’s and Laptop.”  Here several privacy tools to stay secure – this free software will keep your online activity and personal data safe and out of the reach of snoops.

You don’t need to be Edward Snowden to want privacy protection. You might not like your entire life mined by adversity, you might be planning to sell a hard drive and want to wipe its contents, or you might want to keep your personal information secure when using a public WiFi hotspot. The privacy software here covers everything from secure web browsing to secure file erasing. Take a look: 

  •  Tor Browser

The Tor network (short for the Onion Router, which describes its multi-layered privacy technology) was designed to enable anonymous internet browsing. The Firefox-based Tor Browser is by far the quickest and simplest way to start using it.
    You browse the web as normal, and the browser uses thousands of relays to disguise where your data’s coming from. It’s also handy for accessing blocked sites that block IP addresses from specific countries.

  •  CyberGhost VPN

CyberGhost VPN is a virtual private network app that re-routes your internet traffic to hide your location and identity. The privacy software has six elements: anonymous browsing, unblocking streaming sites, protecting your internet connection, tormenting anonymously, unblocking websites and choosing which VPN server to use, but the free version is ad-supported and runs much more slowly than the paid for premium service.

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  • Ghostery

You may not realize it, but your surfing habits are probably being tracked by Dozens of websites keen to sell you their products. That’s where Ghostery comes in. it’s available for Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Android, and iOS. You can simply install the privacy software and let it get on with its job. Ghostery also tells you exactly what each company is looking at and likely to do with your data, so if you’d rather not share every click with marketers, it’s a must-have. 
  • KeyScrambler

KeyScrambler personal is a tiny app(under 1.5 MB) designed to do just one thing; encrypt every letter you type into your web Browser to prevent it being intercepted by keylogging software. If you worry about keylogging or suspect that you’re being logged whenever you type, this free privacy software is a good way to frustrate the watchmen.

  • AntiSpy for Windows 10

Windows 10 is the most personal version of windows yet, but Microsoft’s efforts to get to know you better have alarmed many privacy activists. AntiSpy for Windows 10 lets you disable advertising ID’s SmartScreen filtering, whether apps can access your camera and so on.
  • GnuPG

GnuPG is short for GNU Privacy Guard, and it’s the open source version of the venerable PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) tool for encrypting files and emails. It enables you to encrypt and digitally sign data and documents with technology that’s effectively unbreakable. If you’re sharing data that simply can’t fall into the wrong hands, GnuPG is an important tool.
  • Tails

The free privacy software bundles are based on Debian GNU/Linux and include a browser, instant messaging, email and office apps, all of which have been configured specifically to protect your privacy. As the Tails website puts it, you can use it anywhere and leave no trace. Snowdown says it’s great.
  • Wise Folder Hider

Designed for windows XP onwards, free privacy software Wise Folder Hider does what the name suggests: it hides things on your PC. If all you need is a way to hide work files from the kids or the novel you’re working on from the boss, then it’s a good little app, although if you’re truly paranoid you’ll want to invest in the Pro version to scramble the files as well as hiding them.


                                    These all best free or paid software for your new computer will give you visitor best experience of your PC without wasting much more money. Each and every point will make your PC well secure and protective.  I’m sure that it will stand better than what we expected. Keep mind on this blog website to be updated.  Just share your view and Expectation from their future Products with our Comment section and don't forget to share our post with Your Friends.


5 Best free Software for your new computer

5 Best free Software for your new computer

Equip your new windows PC with all the essential software it needs, completely free

5_Best_free_Software_for_your_new_computer_Technologic world

New PC’s don’t come cheap. If you have just bought or assembled a new machine, the initial delight might be replaced by nagging anxiety as you as up the cost of equipping it with all the necessary software. But don’t worry – we’ve curated a list of essential software that will fulfill your every need completely free.

  • Antivirus

    Avira Free Antivirus 

    Windows 10 comes with its own security software in the form of windows Defender. It’s a capable program, but not without a few limitations. As such, the most preferred option is the Avira Free Antivirus.
                    The antivirus achieves superb results in independent tests, is unobtrusive, makes modest use of your PC’s RAM and processor time, and comes with optional extras like a secure browser if you want them. It’s the best free software for securing your new PC from the latest threads. 

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  • Backup

    EaseUS ToDo Backup free 

    Hopefully your new PC won’t fall victim to an accident or hard drive crash any time soon, but it only takes one carelessly places a cup of coffee to cause irreparable damage. Viruses and Malware can also destroy your files, or render them irretrievable.
                  The only defence against such misfortune is a good backup routine, and EaseUS ToDo Backup Free is a brilliant free program that makes a potentially dreary chore incredibly straight forward. It lets you back up your entire system or a selection your most important files, and its clever scheduling makes sure backups happen at times that won’t inconvenience you.
  • General web browser 


    New windows PCs come with Microsoft Edge installed as the default browser. It’s fast, integrates fully with windows 10 (including Cortana), and is pleasant to use. But if flexibility is your main priority, then you’ll want to consider an alternative.
                  Google Chrome supports hundreds of plug-ins and is the natural choice if you are already invested in the Google ecosystem through its web apps or an Android smartphone. If you have been using Chrome on your old PC, all your bookmarks, cached logins, extensions and browser history will be synced automatically when you log in.
  •  Secure web browser

     Tor browser

    If security is the name of the game, consider installing Tor Browser on your new PC. This is a modified version of Firefox that protects your identity and personal information by redirecting web traffic through a series of encrypted notes scattered throughout the world. This prevents your activity from being monitored and prevents information like bank details being intercepted and more.

  • Office suit 

    WPS Office free 

    If your new windows PC comes with Microsoft Office then you’re off to a flying start, but don’t worry if not – there are lots of free alternatives. WPS Office Free is one of the best free office software. It has an interface that bears a comforting similarity to the latest versions of office.
                       It includes great tools for creating and editing text documents, presentations and spreadsheets, and is compatible with all the common file formats – including Microsoft’s.

These 5 best free software for your new computer will give you visitor best experience of your PC without wasting any money. Each and every point will make your PC well secure and protective.  I’m sure that it will stand better than what we expected. Keep mind on this blog website to be updated.  Just share your view and Expectation from their future Products with our Comment section and don't forget to share our post with Your Friends.


Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro - Full specification and Features

 Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro - Full specification and Features

Samsung_Galaxy_C9_Pro_Full_specification_and_Features_Technologic World

Samsung has launched another smartphone, the named as Galaxy C9 Pro. The handset comes with many goodies and offers from the world’s biggest smartphone makers. There is no denying the fact that the Galaxy C9 Pro handset is a higher-mid-range handset that comes with exceptional specifications and features. The smartphones are packed in a metallic unibody shell which keeps the premium built along with some decent looks. The Galaxy C9 Pro is a lot thinner at 6.9 mm. the design aspect, the Galaxy C9 Pro has its premium design language and no camera hump. Samsung managed to avoid the ugly camera hump at the back. The smartphones sport a fingerprint scanner at the front, while it has also a USB Type-C port at the bottom for charging and data syncing. The Galaxy C9 Pro will come in Gold, Black and Pink Gold color options. The Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro comes with 6.0-inch Full HD 1080 x 1920 Super AMOLED display. These displays will be beautiful to look at. AMOLED panels tend to over saturate colors but it is eventually more power efficient and is more pleasing to the human eye. The Galaxy C9 Pro has RAM (6GB) and also gives the option to expand the 64GB of internal storage, however, the device is powered by  Snapdragon 653 Octa-Core chipset clocked at 1.95GHz coupled with Adreno 510 GPU for graphics. The Galaxy C9 Pro features a 16-megapixel camera at the back with f1.9 aperture, PDAF, dual-tone LED flash combined with a 16-megapixel shooter at the front with the same f1.9 aperture. However, this camera can shoot videos up to 1080p. The camera on the Galaxy C9 Pro will let in slightly more light (f1.9 aperture) and will be better for low-light photography .The Galaxy C9 Pro, Samsung has given in a 4000 mAh battery. In terms of connectivity, the smartphones Galaxy C9 Pro offer with built-in Wi-Fi 802.11 abgnac, Bluetooth v4.2, GPS with A-GPS, NFC etc. For the sensors, it comes with accelerometer, proximity sensor, compass (gyroscope) etc. The company is Samsung is offering one-time screen replacement for a period of 12 months on pre-booking. The handset priced at Rs. 36,900 in the Indian market is already available for pre-orders in India. Consumers can pre-book the Galaxy C9 Pro through the official Samsung online store as well as Samsung’s offline stores dubbed Smart Cafes. The company at India launch had confirmed that the smartphone will be available via all leading mobile stores.

Samsung_Galaxy_C9_Pro_Full_specification_and_Features_Technologic World

Highlights of Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro

  •  1.95GHz Snapdragon 653 Octa-Core Processor
  •  6GB RAM With 64GB ROM
  • 6 Inch FHD AMOLED Display Dual Micro SIM
  • 16MP Camera With Dual Tone LED Flash
  • 16MP Front Camera
  • 4G VoLTEWiFi
  • USB-Type-C
  • NFC
  • Fingerprint
  • Bluetooth 4.2
  • 4000mAh Battery.

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Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro Specifications


  •  Manufacturer- Samsung
  • Model- Galaxy C9 Pro
  • Operating system- Android 
  • OS version- 6.0
  • Type- Smartphone
  • Status- Available
  • Colors- Gold, Rose Gold, Black   
  • Product Name- Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro


  • screen size (in inches)- 6
  • display technology- Full HD Super AMOLED Capacitive touch
  • screen resolution (in pixels)- 1080 x 192
  •  Pixel Density (PPI)- 367
  • Scratch Resistant Glass
  • Corning Gorilla Glass


  • Rear Camera Megapixel- 16
  •  Front Camera Megapixel- 16
  • Front Facing Camera-Yes
  • LED Flash- Yes
  • Video Recording- Yes
  • Geo-tagging-Yes
  • Digital Zoom-Yes
  • Autofocus- Yes
  •  Touch Focus-Yes
  • Face Detection-Yes
  • HDR-Yes
  • Panorama Mode-Yes
  • Phase detection-Yes
  • Aperture (f stops)-1.9


  • battery capacity (mah)- 4000 mah
  • Removal Battery (YesNo)-No


  •  Light Sensor- Yes
  • Proximity Sensor- Yes
  • Finger print sensor- Yes
  • Orientation Sensor- No
  • Accelerometer- Yes
  • Compass- Yes
  • Barometer- No
  • Magnetometer- Yes
  • Gyroscope- Yes
  • Dust proof and water resistant- No
  •  Multi touch- Yes


  • SIM- Dual
  • 3G Capability- Yes
  • 4G Capability- Yes
  • Wifi Capability- Yes
  • Wifi HotSpot- Yes
  • Bluetooth- Yes
  • NFC- Yes
  • GPS- Yes
  •  DLNA- No
  • HDMI- No


  • Cpu- Qualcomm Snapdragon 653
  • CPU speed- 1.95 GHz
  • processor cores- Octa
  • RAM-6 GB
  • Gpu- Adreno 510
  • dimensions (lxbxh- in mm)- 162.9 x 80.7 x 6.9
  • weight (in grams)- 185
  • storage- 64 GB
  •  removable storage (yes or no)- Yes
  • removable storage (maximum)- 256 GB

Overall, Galaxy C9 Pro will come with wonderful features and specification which will give us well furnished and full of updated needy functions. Galaxy C9 Pro will be the best phone of Samsung Galaxy series.  I’m sure that it will stand better than what we expected. Keep mind on this blog website to be updated.  Just share your view and Expectation from their future Products with our Comment section and don't forget to share our post with Your Friends.


Get an email when someone uses your PC

Get an email when someone uses your PC

Get_an_email_when_someone_uses_your_PC_Technologic World
The windows Task Scheduler automatically performs task at particular times or in response to something happening on your computer. For example, it can send you an email every time someone logs onto your computer. You will need to download the free sendEmail (click here) program and extract the compressed folder into your Documents folder. To start the Task Scheduler, click the start button, type task scheduler and press Enter.

These are following steps given bellow :-

Step 1:- 

             Moving apps from internal storage to the storage card can free up significant amounts of space. Tap Android’s Menu Icon, the Setting and Apps or Applications. You should see a list of installed apps, ‘Manage applications’ if you don’t. tap the app’s top-right menu icon, then ‘short by size’. Tap an app to see whether it can be moved to the storage card. If it can, you will see the ‘move to storage card’ button enabled at the bottom of the screen. Tap the button to free up internal storage space.

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Step 2:- 

Click Create Task in the right-hand column, then enter a name and description. Select ‘Run whether user is logged on or not’. Click the Triggers tab and then the new button. In the ‘Begin the Task’ dropdown menu select’ At log on’ , then under setting select ‘Specific user’ Click change user, enter your username in the text box and click check Names to convert this to a proper username. Click OK, then OK again.

Step 3:- 

Click the actions Tab, the New. In the Action dropdown menu select ‘Start a program’, then click Browse. Double-Click the sendEmail.exe program in the Open dialog. Open Notepad and type-f followed by a space and your email address. Then type –t, a space and your email address, Type –u and then a subject line, then –m and a message. Enter the SMTP server for your email account followed by :587 or :465 (either could work), for example –s smtp.mail.yahoo.com:587. You can find your SMTP server in your email settings software or your email provider’s support pages.
Enter your email account’s username and password like this, -xu technologicworldjs@gmail.com –xp password. Copy and paste this text into the ‘Add arguments box. Click OK.

Step 4:- 

To make sure photos you take are saved on the storage card, bring up your camera’s menu. Scroll down and tap the storage option, then select ‘Storage card’. Don’t forget to move photos you have already taken off the internal storage, either to an SD card or to your computer. Connect the phone to your computer and select Disk Drive in the connection options to see the phone storage appear in windows.

Step 5:- 

You can test your task without logging off or switching user. Click the task in the middle section of the Task Scheduler, then click Run in the Select item section on the right. You should receive an email with the message you created in step 3. If not, try the other SMTP server number in step 3 (:587 or :465).
Click the Enable All Tasks History option in the Actions pane so that Task Scheduler logs the success or failure of tasks. To view this information, click the task, then the History tab. The left-hand Level column contains one of three event notifications: Information, Warning or Error. Click an entry in the list to see more information about it.

Step 6:- 

You can save your task  to a USB stick to import them to another computer. In this Workshop, you should do this to avoid having to type out the sendEmail settings again. Click a task in the middle section, then Export in the Selected item pane on the right. Save the task file a USB stick and transfer it to the other computer. The file will have the same name as the task entered in step 2. Open Task in the Actions pane, Double-click the task file. Check the user name in the Security options in the General tab and the location of the email software in the Action tab. Click OK and enter your password to start the task.


                               I think it will help you to protect your PC from other unknown users of your PC. If anybody will use your PC in the absence of you then you will get a message what you had provided in task. Just go away from home without any tension. I’m sure that it will stand better than what we expected. Keep mind on this blog website to be updated.  Just share your view and Expectation from this site with our Comment section and don't forget to share our post with Your Friends.


iPhone 8 Coming with New Ironic Features and Specifications

iPhone 8 Coming with New Ironic Features and Specifications 

iPhone_8_Coming_with_New_Ironic_Features_and_Specifications_Technologic World

Apple is going to do further invention in its iPhone series is called iPhone 8 which will be the most awaited device. After the release of Apple iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, the buzz of iPhone 7 has been teasing everywhere in the world. iPhone lovers are widening their searches and have reached to the iPhone 8! Recent statistics shows this breathtaking result, Youngsters are in a continuous effort to explore the farthest specifications of iPhone; that’s why they have started searching for the rumors on features, price, and release date and so on. This Phone seems to be costlier but bring you entire features that you imagine to have on your mobile device. Apple is planning to bring something Unique and Efficient like never brought before. As per rumors, the brand is working on 10 Different Prototypes. It is very early to clearly suggest what we’re going to experience next year! But before the release of iPhone 8, Apple is preparing to launch iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s+. So there is a plenty of time left for iPhone 8.  Apple has been always known for the quality of the hardware they provide in iPhone’s. I don’t think so any other companies can compete in terms of hardware provided in the iPhone 8. There is not an official announcement about the launching date of iPhone 8 but we are sure that after the launch of iPhone 7 in next few months, we can aspect iPhone 8 in the last of this year or next year. We know that every launch of iPhone will be a trend in its generation time. A Recent launch of iPhone 6, iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus have made the market proud to get such great mobiles. The users will sure be amazed to look at the iPhone 8 which will be having the greatest  innovation features in Apple mobile series because everyone is looking for the great design of specification of iPhone 7 this year. 

Tim Cook himself said that “Don’t expect much from the iPhone 7 because iPhone 8 will create a real revolution and they are already planning and building it to revolutionize the future of smartphones”.
iPhone_8_Coming_with_New_Ironic_Features_and_Specifications_Technologic World

The iPhone series going to come up with something unique and innovative to mark own lightning look. the iPhone 8 has a curved display. The engineers of both Samsung and Apple are trying hard to decode the formula of this unbelievable technology, and if Apple could able to incorporate the curved display in the iPhone 8, they will get a huge lead over their rivals regarding uniqueness. Apple may introduce their first in class solar charging plate integrated with iPhone 8. Wireless changing is a feature that has the maximum chance to get integrated into the device. For security we will find a remote assistance app may also be introduced in the handset where the users can access their phone’s data from their PC through a secured channel and can moderate or delete information whenever they want. Now come to keep our eye on its unique features and specifications let’s see down.

Features and Specifications of iPhone 8:

  • Operating System: iOS 10.02 upgradable to 11.0
  • Processor: A – 11
  • RAM: 4 GB RAM
  • Camera Rear: 16 Megapixels
  • Camera – Front: 8 Megapixels
  • Camera Features: Dual Led Flash, 4k Video Recording
  • Screen Display: 5.0” 1920 x 1080 Screen Resolution
  • Colors: Gold, Rose Gold White, Silver, Jet Black
  • Memory: 32/64/128 GB Internal memory and expandable with dual Micro SD cards
  • Features: Fast Charging, 5G Technology, Finger Print Scanner, Retina Eye Scanner
  • Battery: 3000 Mah
  • Release Date: September 2017 Expected date
  • Price: $750 USD, 700 Euro

iPhone_8_Coming_with_New_Ironic_Features_and_Specifications_Technologic World

iPhone 8 Specifications in detail 

  • Processor: 

As, earlier I told that it has A-11 chip because TSMC has started designing the 10 nanometer A11 chip. According to sources, the initial stages have been completed. So probably you can see A11 chip in next iPhone ( That is iPhone 7s) ! TSMC will forward the A12 chips to Apple in the first quarter of 2018. Secondly, it has confirmed orders for this chip. We are sure about one thing; Apple has the tradition of making efficient and powerful hardware. A12 chip is more of a custom instead of the exception for the company. Of course, this smaller chip is more powerful and energy efficient!

  • Wireless Charging:  

Apple’s idea is focused on long range wireless charging technology because market has already wireless chargeable phone. This technology is going to be superior to current methods because you won’t have to stay close to the wireless charger! Cool! The idea sounds awesome, but Apple is facing multiple obstacles in this regard. For instance, more power is needed when if the distance is increased between transmitter and receiver. If the iPhone is far away from charging source, the battery will charge up slowly!

  • Camera: 

The high-end 5.5-inch iPhone Apple is planning on introducing new vertical dual camera arrangement instead of a horizontal dual camera system.

  • Haptic Engine: 

Japanese site Nikkei said that Apple is planning to bring an iPhone with an enhanced haptic engine. The high-performance motor will produce complex tactile vibrations, as they are essential if Apple wants to eliminate home button. Such vibrations denote key triggers including confirmation of Touch ID payment or unlocking of the phone! 

As the Wikipedia says :

iPhone is a series of smartphones designed and marketed by Apple Inc. It runs Apple’s iOS mobile operating system. The first generation iPhone was released on June 29, 2007; the most recent iPhone models are the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, which were unveiled at a special event on September 9, 2014. The iPhone 8 ans 8s are expected to arrive in Quarter-4 of 2017.”

Overall, iPhone 8 will come with Ironic features and specification which will give us well furnished and full of updated needy functions. iPhone 8 will be the best phone of Apple iPhone series.  I’m sure that it will stand better than what we expected. Keep mind on this blog website to be updated.  Just share your view and Expectation from their future Products with our Comment section and don't forget to share our post with Your Friends.

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